The Cybernetics of Governance Chile 1971-1973

Last December Raul Espejo gave a talk about Cybersyn at the University of Westminster, London. Video recording of this event is now uploaded in YouTube:

The talk highlighted Cybersyn’s  governance approach in contrast to current approached as well as its methodological and epistemological strengths and weaknesses. The talk was followed by a lively debate.

Dr. Alex Andrew

We are sad to inform that Dr. Alex Andrew, Director-General of WOSC until September 2011, passed away on the 31st of May, 2013. He was a distinguished scientist, who made significant contributions to Cybernetics.

The International Journal of General Systems, Vol. 40, No. 2, February 2011, 131–144, published Dr. Andrew’s autobiographical notes. “Systems movement: autobiographical retrospectives” is a special section of the International Journal of General System, the purpose of which is to produce, via invited autobiographical articles, historical information, and insights regarding the thought processes and individual motivations of leading figures in the systems movement. This valuable information is normally not included in regular publications, which tend to focus on results rather than the creative process leading to those results. The autobiographical articles are likely to help us to improve our understanding of how, and why, the systems movement has progressed since its emergence in the mid-20th century. Each article in this section is published strictly by invitation extended to individual authors by the Editor, and is based on the recognition that these individuals have made major contributions to the systems movement.

Dr. Alex Andrew