Professor Zdzislaw Bubnicki


With deep sorrow we announce that on 12 March 2006 at the age of 68 Professor Zdzislaw Bubnicki (17 June 1938 – 12 March 2006) passed away.

Founder and for many years director of the Institute of Information Science and Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology, co-founder of the Faculty of Computer Science and Management in Wroclaw University of Technology; senior member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), president of PAS – Wroclaw Branch (1991-98), chairman of scientific councils of the Institute of Computer Science in PAS (1987-89) and the Systems Research Institute in PAS (since 1990), president of the Committee of Automation and Robotics in PAS (since 1988) and member of the Committee of Informatics in PAS, member of a working group in the Polish Committee for Scientific Research (1997-2000); Polish representative in IFIP General Assembly and in IFIP Artificial Intelligence Committee, member of technical committees in IFIP and IFAC, Polish representative in Administrative Council of European Union Control Association EUCA, member of executive boards of the International Association of Science and Technology for Development IASTED (Canada) and the International Institute for General System Studies IIGSS (USA); editor-in-chief of the
Prof. Bubnicki was one of the most outstanding contemporary Polish scientists, a creator of the worldwide recognized Wroclaw scientific school of computer science and control systems, a successful supervisor of 45 PhD students, of which 16 currently hold a professor’s position.
Prof. Bubnicki has developed new research directions in the field of computer and control science, in particular, in the area of: discrete control systems, identification and pattern recognition in complex systems, control of operation systems, expert systems and knowledge-based computer decision systems, artificial intelligence and uncertain systems. The main results – new stability conditions for uncertain discrete systems, identification and recognition algorithms in complex systems and their applications, logic-algebraic method and its applications to knowledge-based systems, new methods of learning in knowledge-based systems, uncertain variables
Prof. Bubnicki as an excellent and active scientist and educator was a member of many national and international scientific associations, including Polish Academy of Sciences (senior member), Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (foreign member), World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics WOSC (honorary member), IEEE (senior member), and received multiple national

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