Humberto Maturana, Ximena Davila y Fernando Flores at WOSC 2014

Como ya informamos en un mensaje anterior el lanzamiento de WOSC 2014 para la comunidad Latinoamericana  tuvo lugar en la Universidad Nacional de Colombia en Bogotá el 14 de octubre pasado.


Ahora la Universidad Nacional ha subido el video de este evento en YouTube. El enlace de este video en Español es el siguiente:

The above is the YouTube link to video in Spanish with the recording of WOSC 2014 launching at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia the 14th of October, 2014.


A view of the plenary sessions at WOSC 2014

The plenary sessions at WOSC 2014 offered varied reflexions of systems thinking and cybernetics. Entrepreneurship,  the Cybersyn project and big data, disruptions and reparation of social issues in the light of the Viable System Model, wicked problems, self-organisation, requisite variety, Luhmann’s autopoiesis, second order cybernetics and technology learning, the cybernetics of policy-processes and zero-time cybernetics were topics discussed in these plenaries. The attached document offers a reflection and their summary. They offer much to think about. Reflexions about WOSC 2014 (2)

Aditionally first WOSC 2014 keynote speakers videos are freeely published.

The wicked problems remain wicked: has the craft and science of transforming whole systems moved forward, and how could we do better? Requisite Variety, Autopoiesis, and Self-organization Autopoiesiss

WOSC Congress 2014 is concluded

WOSC 2014 is now concluded
We want to highlight:

Attendees of 26 countries from around the word gathered in Ibague, Colombia.

10 keynote speakers presented current issues and future perspectives on cybernetics and system thinking.

Fernando Flores Eden Medina Geoff Mulgan Carlos Gershenson Allenna Leonard
Clas-Otto Wene  Raúl Espejo Dario Rodriguez Humberto Maturana Ximena Dávila

Professor Dr. Humberto Maturana was distinguished with WOSC’s Norbert Wiener Memorial Gold Medal

Participants contributed papers to 9 themes

No Themes Theme Coordinador
1 Digital Society & Business Ecosystems Igor Perko and Raul Espejo
2 Complexity, Sustainability and Self-Organisation Angela Espinosa
3 Ecosystems – Renewal for Sustainability Markus Schwaninger
4 Design and Control of Self-organising Systems Carlos Gershenson 
5 Power, Citizenship and Democracy Zoraida Mendiwelso-Bendek and Germán Bula
6 Computer modelling, power and the management of complexity Hernán López Garay
7 Networks of influence: systems dynamics José Pérez Rios
8 Transdisciplinary modelling and decision processes Jerzy Jozefczyk 
9 Cyber-systemic Governance Autopoiesis and Social Processes Sandro Schlindwein


Prize and Commendations to papers 


Congress Theme Paper Title Authors Resolution
Networks of influence: systems dynamics A system dynamics model of the nutritional stage of the Colombian population by socioeconomic status Jose David Meisel, Olga L. Sarmiento, Camilo Olaya & Roberto Zarama Kybernetes prize for the Outstanding Paper of the Congress
Digital Society & Business Ecosystems Sharing business partner behavior Igor Perko, Andreja Primec & Robert Horvat Highly commended paper
Power, Citizenship and Democracy Towards a Non-trivializing Education Germán Bula


Highly commended paper
Computer modelling, power and the management of complexity Modeling and Simulating Moral Emotions in Organizations: exploring its impact on collaboration Oswaldo Terán, Christophe Sibertin-Blanc & Benoit Gaudou Highly commended paper


















You may find more details on the Congress homepage

WOSC 2014

WOSC members have been discussing  plans for WOSC 2014 over the past few months. The Congress’s proposed name is:

Our self-organising world: from disruption to reparation:

Systems and cybernetics applied to technology, design, governance and power.

It is being organised by the Universidad de Ibague, Colombia

Dates: October 15th to 17th 2014

For details read:

WOSC 2014 Ibagué