Seeking new editorial team for Kybernetes

Emerald is recruiting a new editorial board for the Journal Kybernetes. As a key journal  supporting WOSC’s activities we want to disseminate this opportunity among our friends and supporters. Below you will find invitation from Claire Jackson, Publisher of the Emerald Group Publishing Limited. If any of you or your associates is interested in this opportunity, please, contact Claire directly.   

Editorial Role Opportunity: Kybernetes 2015 Impact Factor: 0.637

It is the intention of the current Kybernetes editorial team (Magnus Ramage, David Chapman and Patrick Wong) to step down at the end of the current volume, and to pass the editorship on to a new team.

Since taking the journal on in 2012, the team has guided the transition of the journal to online submission and review, reshaped the editorial policy, created a largely fresh reviewer base (which is now substantial), rebuilt the editorial board, and introduced the role of associate editors. As one marker of success, the journal’s impact factor has risen in every year during this period (last month we heard that the 2015 impact factor was 0.637). Their commitment to developing Kybernetes has been very much appreciated.

I would now like to invite applications for a new editorial team to lead the journal and its valued team of associate editors and advisory board members. The current team’s feeling, and one I share, is that the journal is best managed by a collective although not necessarily one based in the same institution. Kybernetes is a big journal covering a broad academic area, publishing 10 issues per year and receiving more than 300 submissions annually. The workload for the editors is substantial but extremely rewarding and there is a real chance to shape the fields of cybernetics & systems. The editorship carries a small financial payment plus expenses to attend conferences.

Some of the key qualities sought for the position of Editor are:

  • An established record of scholarship in the field; previous experience in an editorial role (i.e. journals, special issues, book volumes);
  • Managerial skills to oversee the editorial cycle and meet deadlines;
  • A willingness to work closely and collaboratively with the journal Publisher;
  • The ability to inspire an active Editorial Advisory Board;
  • An appreciation of the journal’s editorial objective to publish high quality research.

If you are interested, please contact me by August 5th for more formal information. The current Editors have kindly offered to discuss the role with interested candidates if that would be useful.

Claire Jackson Publisher | Emerald Group Publishing Limited |