Special Issue “Sustainability for Healthcare”

31 October 2018 @ 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sustainability — Open Access Journal

Special Issue Information
Dear Colleagues,


Sustainability, as a research topic, is generally investigated to advance studies about environmental, cultural, economic, and social sustainability. More specifically, in the context of managerial and organizational studies, sustainability is largely investigated in terms of what organizations can contribute to the global challenges of sustainability.

By reversing the perspective (and in order to self-reinforce the engagement of organizations to sustainability), this Special Issue aims to investigate what “sustainability”, as a science, can contribute to people and organizations in the context of healthcare.

Healthcare is a worldwide concern. Indeed, it is the third of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—“Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”; it is also strongly related to most of the other SGDs.

Envisioning a transformational change in the management of healthcare, inspired by and to sustainability, this Special Issue welcomes manuscripts that advance studies in the fields of environmental, social, and economic sciences that can contribute the knowledge necessary to effectively manage healthcare and healthcare organizations in the light of a sustainability paradigm.

Adopting multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary perspectives and a systems approach, expected submissions cover the following topics:

Sustainability science for healthcare management
Sustainability values in healthcare management
Systems management for sustainability in healthcare organizations
Sustainability knowledge management in healthcare organizations
The role of healthcare organizations in sustainable development
Education for healthcare sustainability
Engagement to sustainability in healthcare organizations
New technologies for healthcare sustainability
Measures of sustainability for healthcare organizations
Healthcare and SDGs
This Special Issue is promoted by the Pharmanomics Interdepartmental Research Center, University of Salerno, Italy (http://www.pharmanomics.unisa.it/), the IASS, Italian Association for Sustainability Science, (http://www.scienzasostenibilita.org/) and the ASVSA, Association for Research on Viable Systems, (www.asvsa.org), Italy.

Prof. Sergio Barile
Prof. Marialuisa Saviano
Dr. Francesco Caputo
Guest Editors


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