I Cissto, call for papers

30 June 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Palacio de los Infantes, Calle del Rey 38, 28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid

El Congreso Iberoamericano de Soluciones Sistémicas para la Transformación de las Organizaciones (CISSTO) –

I. Iberoamerican Congress on Systemic Solutions for Organisational Transformation

E-mail: info@cissto.org
Web pages: www.cissto.org, www.sesge.org

Vision, Mission and Values
CISSTO aims to serve as a meeting point representative of Systemic Solutions, facilitating the approach between academics and industry professionals in an environment rich in experiences at an international level. The following are its major objectives:

• Connect Latin American and European Systemic Thinking.
• Obtain practical and fundable projects based on the systemic approach, useful for both private and public organizations, and for Society in general.
• Offer practical experiences in LATAM and in Europe.
• Explore the paths of Transformation of Individuals and Organizations for the challenges and complexity of the 21st century.

The I CISSTO is open to participation from public and private entities from Spain, Portugal and Latin America. It seeks to engage the integration of organizations and professional communities from these regions, interested in the study and practice of systemic thinking.

You can choose to attend the full Congress for three days or choose one in particular. See rates on the I CISSTO website
The main body of the congress will be the plenary sessions. However, there can be workshops on specific topics organized in limited groups in which early registration for participation will be required

The challenges posed by the Knowledge based Society for the 21st century force previous models from last century to evolve, moving from a society with very marked environments and borders to the current panorama in which boundaries are diffuse and whose universality is a common characteristic trend. Because of this and reflecting on the high academic level of Systemic Thinking in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, we present this initiative by inviting international companies interested in enhancing their position in industry to collaborate in this first Ibero-American Congress of Systemic Solutions for Transformation of Organizations – CISSTO.

Registration Details and Invitation letters

Registration must be completed via the Congress’ official website: www.cissto.org, where additional details regarding registration fees, bank information, payment methods and instructions to request a letter of invitation should it be needed.

Registration Account:
Spanish Society of General Systems – CISSTO
Bankia, Office 1102 c/ Potosí, 7
28016 Madrid
CC: 2038-1102-13-6001181241
IBAN: ES33-2038-1102-1360-0118-1241


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