Cybernetics Society’s 50th year conference

22 September 2018 @ 10:30 am – 10:30 pm
King's College
152-170 Strand

Contact: prof. Martin Smith
President of the Cybernetics Society UK

9.30 Registration
10.00 “The Power of Systems: How Policy Sciences Opened up the Cold War World” Dr. Egle Rindzeviciute, Associate Professor (Reader) in Sociology, Kingston University London
10.45 “Sketches of Another Future: Cybernetics in Britain, 1940-2000” Prof. Andrew Pickering, Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Philosophy, University of Exeter
11.30 Break
11.45 “When Science Becomes Engineering in a Non-linear World” Prof Peter Cochrane OBE, Professor of Sentient Systems, University of Suffolk
12.30 “Systems Practice: How to Act in Situations of Uncertainty and Complexity in a Climate-Change World” Ray Ison, Professor of Systems, Open University
1.15 Lunch at Aldwych Cafe, Starbucks, Pret a Manger etc
2.30 “Radically Constructing Ethics”, Dr Ben Sweeting, Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton
3.15 “Making systems ethical: The Ethical Regulator Theorem” Mick Ashby, Archivist of the W. Ross Ashby Digital Archive, researcher in the cybernetics of ethics.
4.00 Break
4.15 “Producing Desirable Social Systems”, Prof. Raul Espejo, President of the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics
5.00 “Be Careful What You Wish For: The Internet of Unintended Consequences”, Wendy M. Grossman, Author and Technical Journalist
5.45 Panel question and answer session for any speaker.
Finish at 6.30 to be followed by dinner at 7.30pm at Salieri’s, Strand.

Cybernetics Society members, staff, students and alumni of King’s College are admitted free of charge. Non-members may apply to join at the conference. The membership fee for the three months to the end of the year is £5. The student membership fee for the three months is £2.50. Application forms will be made available on the day. Any applicants not subsequently approved for membership by the Council will have their fees refunded in full. To apply for membership of the Cybernetics Society follow this link. Further information may be obtained from the Secretary or the President and Conference Organiser. Information about the society is available on our website here

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