WOSC 18th 2021 Congress publications

All accepted abstracts of registered authors were published in the electronic WOSC2021 Congress book of abstracts.

Selected publications will be invited to submit short chapters for the book: World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics 18. Congress-WOSC2021 Systems approach and cybernetics; engaging for the future of mankind published by Springer Nature.

The WOSC 2021 Keynote recordings can be found in the WOSC YouTube Chanel

After the congress participants can submit papers for special issues of a number of scientific journals. A list of journals under consideration may be found below.

  Journal                                                            Indexing  Editors                

CyberSystemic landscape

Following list illustrates the origin and updates from the map.Originated in 1996 by Dr. Eric Schwarz, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
Extended in 1998, including items from the “The Story of Philosophy” by Will Durant (1933).
Elaborated in 2000-2001 from many sources for the International Institute for General Systems Studies.
Extended in 2016 by Benjamin Hadorn, Fribourg, Switzerland.

shared from https://uranos.ch/images/2019/09/23/systemic_evolution.jpg