EMCSR 2012

The  21st European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR) took place in Vienna from April 10 to April 13, 2012.

The book with the abstracts of the papers presented to this meeting can be downloaded from: http://www.emcsr.net/book-of-abstracts/

The following papers were delivered in the Symposium “Design and Self-organization in the Emergence of Effective Organizations”, which was organised by WOSC:

Session 1: Paper Presentation

Chair: Raúl Espejo

  • Markus Schwaninger: Towards Optimal Organizational Designs, The Fractal Dimension of Self-organizing Systems
  • Hans Losscher: Leadership and Chaos Theory

Session 2: Paper Presentation

Chair: Markus Schwaninger

  • Penny Hart: Using an interpretivist methodology to investigate knowledge sharing in a research establishment
  • Tom Ryan: Working ‘Cybernetically’ at Organizational (Re)design

Session 3: Paper Presentation

Chair:  José Perez Rios

  • Louis Klein:  Narrative Approaches to Organizational Research, Exploring the organisational collage of memetic paradigms
  • Helmut Nechansky: Problems of Organizational Cybernetics,beyond Beer’s Viable Systems Model
  • Zoraida Mendiwelso-Bendek: Supporting Civil Society’s Self-Organisation

Session 4: Paper Presentation

Chair:  Tom Ryan

  • José Perez Rios & Xosé Lois Martínez Suárez:  An Organizational Cybernetics approach to University Urban Planning
  • José Bermeo: Designing an effective conversation in an organization
  • Raúl Espejo & David Hooper: Variety Engineering and the Re-structuring of the English National Health Service

Conference in Valencia

The Business Systems Laboratory (www.bslaboratory.net)  and SESGE (Sociedad Española de Sistemas Generales) – Universitat de Valencia held  the INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM The Economic Crisis: Time for a Paradigm Shift – Towards a Systems Approach at the University of Valencia  on the 24-25 January, 2013. Keynote speakers were Professor Raul Espejo, Director General of the World Organization for Systems and Cybernetics (UK), MATJAŽ MULEJ Distinguished Professor at Maribor University and Professor Gaetano Golinelli, from the Sapienza University, Roma, Italy 
The Three keynote speakers received awards for the advancement in Systems Thinking applied to management